Friederike A. Kozelsky-Schara  










Individual and community exhibitions:

POP[O]ART February 2019 / Galerie Art Pool Vienna

18th Auction for the benefit of the neunerhaus - 2018

Auction result € 2.000,- / Artwork: Abstract in blue

              Abstrakt in Blau

KIWANIS Art Auction for the benefit of St. Nikolaus Church
Bad Ischl
- 2018

Auction result € 880,- /
Artwork: The gloss of the golden fleece

              Der Glanz des Goldenen Vlieses

Volkshilfe – Art helps - an auction against poverty - 2018

Donated Artwork: Ice-Dance, Acryl on canvas

              Eis-Tanz, Acryl auf Leinwand, 52x70 cm, 2015

NÖ days of open Ateliers

20th & 21st October 2018

17th Auction for the benefit of the neunerhaus - 2017

Auction result € 1.200,- / Art work: Memphis in June

              Memphis in June

23th Charity Art Auction for the mobile Hospiz of
Caritas Erzdiözese Wien
- 2017

Auction result € 300,- / Art work: String Tango

              String Tango

NÖ days of open ateliers

14th & 15th October 2017

Charity Auction of the Salavatorians - 2017

Art work: UYUNI I - Salzsee Fata Morgana

        Uyuni I

AquAcryl Mix

Bergerhaus / Gumpoldskirchen – 2017

16. Art auction for the benefit of neunerhaus - 2016

Auction result € 800,-

              Große Gef&uumlhle

NÖ days of open Ateliers

Atelier 58 / Baden near Vienna - 2016

OPEN CALL - Art for everyone

VHS Lazarettgasse / Vienna - 2016

On its own and yet a whole

VHS Alsergrund / Vienna - 2016

AquAcryl Mix -

Haus der Kunst / Baden near Vienna - 2016

AquAcrylMix1 AquAcrylMix2 AquAcrylMix3
AquAcrylMix4 AquAcrylMix5 AquAcrylMix6
AquAcrylMix7 AquAcrylMix8 AquAcrylMix9

NÖ Days of open art studios / 2015

Gemeinschaftswerk I Gemeinschaftswerk II Gemeinschaftswerk III
NÖ Tage der offenen Ateliers mit Bürgermeister NÖ Tage der offenen Ateliers I NÖ Tage der offenen Ateliers II
Gemeinschaftswerk IV Gemeinschaftswerk V Gemeinschaftswerk VI

Preview presentation of art works / 2015

for the benefit of NeunerHaus – Kunstraum Wohlleb

15. Art auction for the benefit of NeunerHaus /2015

Auction at the museum of applied arts – MAK
Auction result € 1.000,--

       Grosse Umarmung

Wine – Art – Weinviertel – experience

Winery Schüller and
Wine cellar at the “Kellergasse Pillersdorf” /2015

Pillersdorf II Pillersdorf I Pillersdorf III

Atelier Rennweg

Atelier party for friends and with artist friends / 2014
Ali Wazek, Andreas Rojko, Charlotte Ottwald

4. Pick up Galerie in Baden near Vienna

As part of the festival “Badener Rosentage”
Theater am Steg / 2013

Galerie à Casa

Abstract and without concept paintings as an
expression of complexity